Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Pulse Profiling Power Sensor

LadyBug Technologies’ 20 GHz thermally stable LB680A USB pulse profiling power sensor is in stock for immediate shipment. The sensor is available with various connector options allowing it to be placed directly on the DUT to achieve the best match and accuracy.

The pulse profiling sensor will perform CDF, CCDF & PDF functions as well as displaying the power profile of the pulsed signal. ATE users will appreciate the statistical peak and pulse measurements that can be made with the power meter software.

LadyBug Technologies

50V, 450W LDMOS Transistor 

The LS2541FM is the second product released from the new 50VDC family of push-pull LDMOS transistors manufactured by Polyfet RF Devices. The LS2541FM is an unmatched, discrete transistor that was designed to operate in the AM, HF, and FM frequency bands. Across any of these frequency bands the LS2541FM delivers 500W of saturated power with close to 80% efficiency. Its drain breakdown voltage rating of min 120VDC allows for reliable drain voltage operation of up to 50VDC.

Polyfet RF Devices

Broadband Ceramic Capacitors: Up to 20 GHz

Passive Plus Inc. (PPI) presents the NEW 0603BB104 Broadband 100nF multilayer ceramic capacitor.


Capacitance: 100nF

Size: .060” x .030”

WVDC: 100V

TCC: 0 ± 15% /°C (-55°C to +125°C)

Typical Operating Frequency: Up to 20GHz

Insertion Loss: < 1.2 dB

Termination: Tin Plated over Nickel Barrier (RoHS) Compliant, Gold, Tin/Lead

Passive Plus

Fixed Attenuators

Response Microwave announced availability of its new DC-18GHz, 50W fixed attenuators for lab and both military and telecom specific product platform use. The family includes 1 through 50dB attenuation values that operate between DC to 18GHz. Electrical performance offers typical insertion loss of 0.5dB and VSWR of 1.45:1 max. Impedance value is 50Ω. Power handling is 50W CW and package size is 0.64mm OD by 0.110mm length.

Response Microwave

New Products

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Benchtop YIG Synthesizer

Micro Lambda Wireless announced increased production of its high-performance, low phase noise benchtop frequency synthesizers. In sync with its evolving catalog of YIG synthesizer components, the custom-tuned benchtop YIG synthesizer line now offers RF and microwave designers working at frequencies up to 20 GHz the chance to upgrade their test benches with the best technology at their specific bands. Offering up to -125 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset phase noise at a carrier frequency of 10 GHz, these frequency synthesizers set the standard for phase noise performance.

Micro Lambda Wireless

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Manual Coaxial Switches: Multi-Throw 

Ducommun offers six (6) different options of Multi-Throw Manual Coaxial Switches for all applications. Current options range from DC to 3 GHz; DC to 12.4 GHz; and DC to 18 GHz up with 50 WCW of power handling capability. Multi-Throw options include SP3T; SP5T; and SP6T positions.


1906 newProducts03

Directional Coupler

KRYTAR’s new directional coupler, Model 1100110010, offers some of widest frequency coverage using on the market. This new directional coupler maintains flat 10 dB coupling across a wide 100-GHz bandwidth. It lends itself to wireless designs and many test and measurement applications for emerging mmWave and 5G markets. This coupler can also be manufactured to meet military specifications. It will find many uses including power monitoring and leveling in many different systems, including antenna beamforming systems, electronic-warfare (EW) systems, electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) testing, radar systems, and many wireless communications systems.


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Phase Noise Test System

Keysight’s N5511A Phase Noise Test System (PNTS) is a replacement for the gold-standard Keysight E5500 phase noise measurement system. PNTS is the foundation of test setups that can measure down to kT (-177 dBm/Hz). This is the theoretical limit for any measurement at room temperature –PNTS can measure at the limits of physics.

PNTS is designed for phase noise “Power Users” at the high-end of the market. These are phase noise experts that would like to fully characterize the phase noise (and AM noise and baseband noise) emerging from their radio frequency and microwave devices including oscillators, mixers, dividers, multipliers and amplifiers.


June 2019

1906 HFE cover

The June 2019 Online Edition is now available for viewing and download!

Download June HFE PDF


Web Exclusives


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RF PCB Import Wizard Module

A new e-learning module covering the NI AWR software RF PCB layout import wizard technology is now available. This one-hour video trains users on how to use the wizard for EM verification within Microwave Office circuit design software. Learn more at (registration required): awr.com/support/current-users/e-learning

AWR Design Magazine IMS2019 Issue

Volume 19 covers the debut of the NI AWR software website, industry spotlights on 5G, IoT, and radar,  and customer and university application spotlights on antennas, radar, filters, and PDKs. View the magazine at https://www.awr.com/serve/awr-magazine-vol-1926.

Insulated Wire Inc.

Insulated Wire Inc. is pleased to announce that following the retirement of a French delegate, IW Microwave Products Division President, John Morelli, has been appointed as the Secretary for IEC/SC46F, a subcommittee of IEC/TC46. IEC/SC46F is responsible for RF and Microwave Connectors and Components International Standardization.

Mr. Morelli, who is sponsored by Insulated Wire, brings significant RF/Microwave connector and component experience to the position, and we congratulate him on his new appointment. Mr. Morelli had been serving as the chief Technical Advisor for the US National Committee’s Technical Advisory Group to IEC/SC46F.

The US National Committee of the IEC is a fully integrated entity of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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