Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Microwave Power Sensor for Satcom Applications

LadyBug Technologies’ fully self-contained 40GHz RF and microwave power sensor is ideal for Satcom testing applications. The sensor can be interfaced using its USB HID, USBTMC or can be directly controlled through its I2C or SPI, serial microcontroller interfaces. These options make it ideal for automated test applications. All interfaces use standard SCPI commands. The sensor’s USBTMC interface makes it a drop in replacement for similar competitive sensors. It includes a full-featured Windows application that is not software-limited.

LadyBug Technologies LLC

1.85mm Male Direct Solder One-Step Cable Connectors for .085” Cables

SGMC Microwave’s NEW One-Step connectors have “Captivated” center contacts offering excellent performance up to 65 GHz (usable up to 67 GHz). With no loose parts to handle, assembly is as simple as trimming the cable and then inserting it into the body for soldering. DC-65 GHz / VSWR: 1.25:1 Max per connector; Captivated center contact (beryllium Copper, gold plated); Body Components (Corrosion resistant Type 303 Stainless steel, passivated); Quality, performance, & reliability you can count on, from SGMC Microwave.

SGMC Microwave


Equipto Electronics is now offering Ka-Shield enclosures that protect your Ka Band Communications and Data from EMI/RFI and EMP. With shielding effectiveness of over 75 dB up to 40 GHz you can be assured that your equipment is protected against any threat. Whether your application involves Satellite communications or radar targeting with military planes or data transfer with space telescopes Equipto's Ka-Shield enclosures will keep your communications and equipment safe and operational.

Equipto Electronics

Permanent Magnet YTOs

Permanent magnet technology delivers our lowest DC voltage (prime power) available and is offered in 2 to 20 GHz standard models and in high performance models up to 44 GHz using frequency doublers. Our surface mount MLSMO and MLOTF series and TO-8 MLTO oscillators are extremely small and offer excellent phase noise and frequency stability. They’re the perfect choice for next generation PXI and compact PCI synthesizer applications.

Micro Lambda Wireless

1.8 to 6.5GHz Broadband Power MMIC

AMCOM’s AM206041WN-SN-R is a broadband GaN MMIC power amplifier. It has 30dB gain, and 41dBm CW output power over the 1.8 to 6.5GHz band. The AM206041WN-SN-R is in a ceramic package with a flange and straight RF and DC leads for drop-in assembly. Because of high DC power dissipation, good heat sinking is required. The package is RoHS compliant. This MMIC is matched to 50 Ohms.


Thin-Film Hybrids

Ciao Wireless Inc., founded in February, 2003, is dedicated to serving the RF & Microwave Community in the design and manufacture of RF & Microwave Thin-Film Hybrid Amplifiers, Radial Power Combiners-Dividers and Space Qualified Amplifier Assemblies. Ciao is committed in providing the Highest Performance designs at an Exceptional Value without sacrificing Quality and Reliability.

Ciao Wireless

Low PIM Adapters 

MECA also offers Low PIM (-165 dBc Typ) Type N Right Angle Adapters as well as 7/16 DIN and Type N Bulkhead Adapters for DAS Applications featuring industry leading PIM performance of -160 dBc Min. Other in series and between series models also available in demarcation panels. Made in USA and 36-month warranty.

MECA Electronics

DC Blocks and More

SRTechnology specializes in designing and manufacturing passive devices, including DC blocks and much more. SRT’s team has years of experience assisting customers worldwide with their RF and microwave component requirements. R&D is our highest priority, resulting in superior products at fair prices.

We accomplish this by: Supplying our customers with high-quality products, on time; Working closely with customers to optimize their project outcomes; Offering highly reliable products at competitive prices.

SR Technology

Board-to-Board Connectors

SuperMini Board-to-Board solutions optimize interconnect performance for board-to-board stacking applications. These RF/millimeter wave blind-mate connectors maximize electrical performance of the transmission path between connector and circuit while accommodating axial misalignment of .010” and radial misalignment of +/- 10° via Southwest Microwave’s intelligent bullet and PCB receptacle designs.

Southwest Microwave


Model SNF-28-ID1-H is a Ka band, waveguide junction isolator that covers the frequency range of 26.5 to 40 GHz. The full band isolator is designed and manufactured to provide a low insertion loss of 0.50 dB typical with good flatness. Compared to a Faraday isolator, it offers a much shorter insertion length for system integration. The isolator also offers a moderate isolation of 17 dB and a forward power handling of 25 Watts.  The input and output ports are WR-28 waveguides with UG-599/U flanges.

SAGE Millimeter

LDMOS Transistor

RFMW announced design and sales support for an NXP Semiconductors, RF power, LDMOS transistor. The AFT31150N provides 150 watts for S-band radar systems in maritime and weather radar applications between 2700 and 3100MHz. Qualified up to a maximum of 32 V operation, the AFT31150N offers 17dB of gain. Typical efficiency is 50% and the device is internally matched for ease-of-use. The source terminal is located on the exposed back side of the SOT1693-1 plastic package. 


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Power Dividers 6 - 18GHz

VidaRF offers a wide selection of 2-way through 32-way power divider/combiners, designed to cover 6-18GHz with average power handling of 30Watts for narrow, octave, dual and multi-octave band applications.  Low Insertion Loss, Low Amplitude & Phase balance. High Isolation port to port. Operating temp: -55C to +85C. Sealed and painted to meet IP65 standards. Connector type: SMA female, other connectors available upon request.


1710 HFE choice 02

Comb Generator

Herotek has expanded pre-amp comb generator GCA Series to include its new .750" (N3 package) long surface mount package for convenient placement on PCB Boards. GCA Series Comb Generators are used for Frequency Multipliers, Frequency Synthesizers, and built-in test source. GCA Series requires only +10 dBm or 0 dBm input for input frequency ranges from 250 MHz to 2000 MHz. Herotek’s GC Series (without preamp) also is offered in its "L" package, which is .53" long.


1710 HFE choice 03

Continuing Education

RF Technology Certification - Online

Dec 15, 2017 - Jun 20, 2018 - Live Web Conference, RF Mentor e-Learning / Rex Frobenius

This online program has been designed for applications, production, manufacturing engineers and technicians as well as other professionals who need to have a solid background in the fundamentals of working with RF and wireless products. This four-part program provides a thorough understanding of RF analytical tools, communications signals, RF devices and test instruments.

Besser Associates

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MLVS-Series Frequency Synthesizers 50 MHz to 10 GHz

Micro Lambda Wireless announced the production release of a new smaller and lower cost frequency synthesizer designed for low noise & fast tune applications. A standard frequency model is available covering 50 MHz to 10 GHz in a single unit. Phase noise at 5 GHz and 10 kHz offset of -130 dBc/Hz while at 10 GHz the phase noise is -125 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, both industry leaders. Switching speed is specified at 50 uSec for a full band step.

Micro Lambda Wireless

1710 HFE choice 05

Coaxial Relays

RelComm Technologies, established in April 1994, designs and manufactures Design Enhanced Application Specific RF Coaxial Relay Products for high volume commercial telecommunications infrastructure, military communications as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating from DC to 40 GHz. The management team has more than seventy-five years of combined experience in design, manufacturing and marketing of products for this industry.

RelComm Technologies

1710 HFE choice 06

Logarithmic Amp: ELINT, RSSI, ESM, and More

L3 Narda-MITEQ announced the newest and smallest high-performance logarithmic amplifier in its product portfolio, the MLS-0206. The new amplifier is available now and was specifically designed for use in ELINT radar warning receivers, channelized receivers (Receive Strength Signal Indicator or RSSI), ESM systems, weather radar, airport landing systems and EW systems. “Our new logarithmic amplifier is ideal for both commercial and military applications, and can be produced for use in space as well,” said Boris Benger, Department Head of IF Products at L3 Narda-MITEQ.

L3 Narda-MITEQ

1710 HFE choice 07

Connectorized Components

Pulsar Microwave Corporation, established in 1987, is a valued supplier of high performance surface mount, plug-in and connectorized components, covering select frequency bands up to 85 GHz. Pulsar is a privately owned company with the design, manufacture, test and inspection controlled from our Clifton, New Jersey facility. Pulsar focuses primarily on high performance products. Our dedicated team of design, sales and applications engineers strives to maintain a close working relationship with our customers.

Pulsar Microwave

1710 HFE choice 08

Digitally Controlled PIN Diode Attenuator

Model A3P-85N-3AM is a Digitally Controlled PIN Diode Attenuator that operates from 26.0 – 40.0 GHz.  It is capable of a 32 dB attenuation range in 0.125 dB steps.  The Attenuation Flatness is +/- 2.5 dB with a 2.0:1 V.S.W.R. in 50 Ohms and a 4.0 dB Insertion Loss.  This PIN Diode Attenuator is Digitally Controlled via 8 BITs of TTL compatible binary logic with a switching speed less than 1.0 μSec. It handles +15 dBm CW or 1.0 Watt Max.  The package size is 2.0 x 2.5 x 0.75 inch.

G. T. Microwave

1710 HFE choice 09

Multipin Connector Catalog

Spectrum’s multi-pin connectors are available with 4, 7, 8, 12, and 23 coaxial inserts at the multipin end, allowing for all coaxial assemblies to be connected at once, in seconds, with no need for a torque wrench or safety wires. View the online catalog today at spectrum-et.com. Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH was founded in 1981 and has become a leading supplier of state-of-the-art components used in RF and microwave technology.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik

1710 HFE choice 10

Coaxial Switch

High reliability Single Pole Four Throw (SP4T) for space applications. The operating frequency range is from DC to 40.0 GHz with K connector. Low power input with operating voltage from 22 – 34 Vdc (28 Vdc Nominal) at extreme temperatures of -30°C to +85°C. The SP4T Coaxial Switch is latching type and equipped with suppression diodes, telemetry circuitry and 50 ohms terminations. In addition, it also features: multiple output RF transmission lines, robust and compact design and reliable. 


1710 HFE choice 11


Microwave Components is your distributor of choice, stocking premier product lines including SV Microwave, Delta Electronics, Micro-Coax, Times Microwave, XMA, MECA Electronics, Corning Gilbert, Radiall, Dynawave, TE Connectivity, and more. Contact us today for your RF/Microwave needs. 

Microwave Components

1710 HFE choice 12

Omnidirectional Antenna 

Model SAO-9031040060-10-S1 is a W-band omnidirectional antenna that operates from 90 and 100 GHz. This vertically polarized antenna offers 360 degree azimuth coverage with 0 dBi gain and ±3 dB gain flatness. The antenna features a half power beamwidth of 60 degrees in the vertical direction.

SAGE Millimeter

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