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Vol. 7 No. 1

Predicting Probable Cavity Resonance with a 3D EM ToolYeap Yean Wei, Frank Demming-Janssen, and Linus Lau Ngie Ung

Productivity by Design: ADS 2008 Reduces Steps to Simulation and Verification—How-Siang Yap

Power Combiners, Impedance Transformers and Directional Couplers: Part II—Andrei Grebennikov

Tutorial: Top-Down Design: An Introduction for New Engineers—Gary Breed

Editorial: Engineering Tasks Keep Moving to the Suppliers—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Development is Ramping up for ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4 and Related Systems

Design Notes: Impedance Matching with LC Networks


Vol. 7 No. 2

A Practical Approach to a Compact, Wide-Band SMT Directional CouplerRobert Torsiello and Kham Sanvoravong

Frequently Asked Questions About Noise—Ed Garcia

Power Combiners, Impedance Transformers and Directional Couplers: Part III—Andrei Grebennikov

Tutorial: Key Design Factors for Power and Ground Connections—Gary Breed

Editorial: An Update on Our Efforts to Give You Better Information—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Terahertz (THz) Technology: An Introduction and Research Update

Design Notes: Multiple Antenna Technology


MARCH 2008
Vol. 7 No. 3

Power Combiners, Impedance Transformers and Directional Couplers: Part IV—Andrei Grebennikov

Applying System-in-Package Technology to 16-Bit Digital Receiver DesignTodd Nelson

Design and Development of Microwave Filters on Metallized ABS Plastic—Jagdish Shivhare

Tutorial: Improving the Bandwidth of Simple Matching Networks—Gary Breed

Editorial: Wireless Applications for These Difficult Economic Times—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Recent Updates in Connector and Cable Technology

Design Notes: Matching Using Only 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm Transmission Lines


APRIL 2008
Vol. 7 No. 4

A 300 W Power Amplifier for the 88 to 108 MHz FM Broadcast Band—Antonio Eguizabal

Characterization of RF Transmission Lines on Ion-Implanted CMOS WafersKamaljeet Singh, Deepak Banghar and Surendra Pal

Low Cost Meets High Value in a Synthesized Signal Generator—Richard Houlihan

Spatial Combining of Multiple Microwave Noise Radiators—Jiri Polivka

Tutorial: A Review of the Performance Capabilities of Antenna Arrays—Gary Breed

Editorial: The 4G Battleground: Providing Content or Internet Access—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Models are Key in Design and Manufacturing Partnerships

Design Notes: Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient and VSWR



MAY 2008
Vol. 7 No. 5

Non-Linear Simulation of RFIC Amplifier Reference Design Boards—Hetvi Patel, Thomas Weller, Rick Connick and Lawrence Dunleavy

A High Dynamic Range Receiver for the Radar Open System ArchitectureFrank Cannata

Spectral Distortion in High Data Rate Remote Sensing Satellite Links—V. Sambasiva Rao and Surendra Pal

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer—Part 1: Getting Started —Alexander Chenakin

Tutorial: Professional Development Activities to Enhance Your Career—Gary Breed

Editorial: Technical Discourse—One Idea Always Leads to Another—Gary Breed

Technology Report: University Research News

Design Notes: A Few Notes for the Laboratory


JUNE 2008
Vol. 7 No. 6

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer—Part 2: Component SelectionAlexander Chenakin

IP2 and IP3 Design Considerations for a Direct Conversion I/Q Receiver—Doug Stuetzle

A Constant Mismatch Analysis of Power RF Transistors Using EDA ToolsJohn Pritiskutch and Craig Rotay

Tutorial: A Review of Common Line-Section Directional Couplers—Gary Breed

Editorial: Miscellaneous Comments on Diverse Topics—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Wireless Receiver Design Emphasizes Direct Conversion

Design Notes: Explore Software Defined Radio on a Budget


JULY 2008
Vol. 7 No. 7

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer—Part 3: From Sketch to ProductAlexander Chenakin

Software Enhances the Design and Analysis of Tunable Circuits—Dale D. Henkes

Determining the CW Power Rating of Coaxial ComponentsAndrew Wierback

Tutorial: Manufacturers' Efforts Simplify Power Measurement for Specific Standards—Gary Breed

Editorial: Some Comments in Praise of Industrial Applications—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Digital Broadcasting Update: Changes are On Track

Design Notes: Reader Feedback


Vol. 7 No. 8

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer—Part 4: Improving PerformanceAlexander Chenakin

RF MEMS: Maturing Technology is Getting Ready for Primetime—Kamaljeet Singh and K. Nagachenchiah

BAW Flip-Chip Switched Filter Bank Delivers Dramatic Form Factor ReductionSteve Mahon, Joshua Zepess and Mark Andrews

Best Practices for Making Accurate WiMAX™ Channel-Power MeasurementsDavid Huynh and Bob Nelson

Tutorial: High Speed Digital Design Benefits from Recent EDA Tool Developments—Gary Breed

Editorial: The Value of WiMAX and Other Broadband Wireless Formats—Gary Breed

Technology Report: WiMAX Rollout Continues Progress Toward 4G Wireless

Design Notes: A Few High Speed Design Notes


Vol. 7 No. 9

High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers: Turning the Pages of Forgotten History —Andrei Grebennikov

Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer—Part 5: Advanced Techniques—Alexander Chenakin

Tutorial: EDA Tool Options for Advanced High Speed and Wireless Design—Gary Breed 

Editorial: The Challenge of Top Performance in Military & Aerospace—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Recent Activities in Standards and Regulations

Design Notes: Some Notes on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


Vol. 7 No. 10

Cut Part Count and Increase Dynamic Range in the Hybrid Coupled AttenuatorChin-Leong Lim

Beamforming Boosts the Range and Capacity of WiMAX Networks—Paul Sergeant and Tong Swan Pang

Tutorial: A Review of the Major Types of RF and Microwave Coaxial Connectors—Gary Breed

Editorial: Work on Technology While You Worry About the Economy—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Innovative Packaging Puts Multiple Technologies into a Single Device

Design Notes: FCC News


Vol. 7 No. 11

A Wide Dynamic Range Playback System for Radar SignalsDavid Friedman & Paul Hiller

Evolution of Broadband Signal Measurement and Analysis—Dennis Handlon

A Satellite Telemetry Transmitting System with Pre-Modulation Filtering—D.V. Ramana, R. Jolie, V.S. Rao & S. Pal

Tutorial: An Introduction to Defected Ground Structures in Microstrip Circuits—Gary Breed

Editorial: Working from the Ground up. A Lesson from the Election—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Trends in Test & Measurement: New Test Requirements, New Technologies

Design Notes: Jitter and Phase Noise Relationships


Vol. 7 No. 12

A High Efficiency Doherty Amplifier with Digital Predistortion for WiMAXSimon Wood, Ray Pengelly & Jim Crescenzi

Simulating and Designing a PLL Frequency Synthesizer for GSM Communications—Samir Kameche, Mohammed Feham & Mohamed Kameche

Tutorial: Design Notes for Laminates and Other Substrate Materials—Gary Breed

Editorial: U.S. Digital Television Transition Issues: Both Good and Bad—Gary Breed

Technology Report: A Review of Wireless Business and Technology

Design Notes: A Few Common Design Tradeoffs

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