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Vol. 11 No. 1

Data Interface Circuits for PSK Modulators for Data Transmission from Space to Ground—John Dunn

Electromagnetics for Comprehensive Engineering
—By W. Scott Bennett,

Editorial:Getting Connected in 2012—Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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Vol. 11 No. 2

New Components Call for a Hardware Comparison of Receiver Architectures—By Todd Nelson, Linear Technology Corp.

Non-Resonant Slotted Waveguide Antenna Design Method—By Michal Grabowski, Cobham Antenna Systems

Editorial:Consumer Electronics, the F-35, and a Record Setting Transmitter—Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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MARCH 2012
Vol. 11 No. 3

Software Finds,
Identifies, and Analyzes Signals in Long-Term "Spectral Haystack"
—By Ray Swanson X-COM Systems

Passive Millimeter- Wave Imaging for Security—By Dr. Tom Williams Millivision Technologies

Editorial:Homeland Security: Old Concept, New Technologies—Thomas O. Perkins Senior Technical Editor

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APRIL 2012
Vol. 11 No. 4

A High Bit Rate Miniaturized QPSK Modulator for Satellite Data Transmission —By D.V. Ramana and Jolie R., ISRO Satellite Centre

iSCISM: Interference Sensing and Coexistence in the ISM Band —By Joe Baylon, Ethan Elenberg, and Samantha Massengill The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Editorial: High Frequency Electronics Adds Panel of Distinguished Advisors —Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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MAY 2012
Vol. 11 No. 5

Design and Digital Linearization of a High Efficiency Variable Conduction Angle Doherty Amplifier —By Sami Bousnina

Basic Electromagnetics Trued and Cleared for All to See —By W. Scott Bennett

Low Cost K-Band Doppler Radar Sensor —By Kecheng Xiao, Richard Crabtree, Jay Mccandless

Editorial: IMS2012—It's Just Around the Corner — Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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JUNE 2012
Vol. 11 No. 6

DDS Devices Generate High-Purity Waveforms Simply, Efficiently, and Flexibly —By Brendan Cronin

Web-Based Video Radar Systems Courses to Be Offered —By Dr. Robert O'Donnell and Tom Perkins

Editorial: Let's Get Tough on Counterfeiters —Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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JULY 2012
Vol. 11 No. 7

MIMO Receivers Demand High- Performance Dual Passive Mixers —By Bill Beckwith, Xudong Wang, Tom Schiltz

JESD204B PHY Layer Compliance Test —By Maury Wood, Scott Ferguson, Joe Evangelista

Editorial: IMS2012: A Look in the Rear-View Mirror —Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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August 2012
Vol. 11 No. 8

High Frequency PCB Probing with Fixture Removal for Multi- Port Devices —By Heidi Barnes, Jose Moreira, Mike Resso, and Robert Schaefer Wang, Tom Schiltz

Satellite Data Transmitting Systems and In-Orbit Performance —By D.V. Ramana and Jolie. R

Editorial: Summer Gives Time to
Pause and Reflect
—Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor

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September 2012
Vol. 11 No. 9

Wideband Spectral
Measurement Using Time-Gated Acquisition Implemented on a User-Programmable FPGA
—By Raajit Lall, Abhishek Rao, Sandeep Hari, and Vinay Kumar

RF Component Integration – Saving Space in High Performance Applications —By Ashraf Elghamrawi and Eamon Nash

Editorial: Change Under Way in UAV Marketplace —Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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October 2012
Vol. 11 No. 10

Simulation Procedures for Successful Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Using Discrete Components —Sonoko Akamatsu, Scott Muir, and Larry Dunleavy

Linear Power Amplifiers for Point-to-Point Radio Applications —By Sushil Kumar, Kent Story, Ron Kielmeyer, Tariq Lodhi, and Ian Hardcastle—mmW Solutions Team, RFMD

Editorial: Balancing Innovation with Design Rigor and Processes —Scott L. Spencer Publisher

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November 2012
Vol. 11 No. 11

Wireless Sensors without Batteries —By Ali Abedi, University of Maine, abedi@ieee.org

Benefits of Mixed Dielectrics When Used for High-Frequency PCB Applications —By John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation, Advanced Circuit Materials Division

The Potential of RF Energy for the Ignition of Microplasmas —By Klaus Werner, Prof. H. Heuermann, and Dr. A. Sadeghfam

Editorial: The Legacy of a Legend —Scott L. Spencer Publisher


December 2012
Vol. 11 No. 12

Retrofitting Existing C4ISR
Components with Modular
Wiring Harnesses
—By Robert Grzib, Product Manager, CDM Electronics

Illumination and Spillover Efficiency Calculations for Rectangular Reflectarray
—By Micha? ?ebrowski

Editorial: Thinking Digitally? —Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor


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